I am pleased to announce the public launch of Career Key’s new personalized courseware for college students, Right now, over 40 faculty and instructors at top U.S. and Canadian universities use it to help their students explore and find their best academic path, plan their future, and save money.

We offer faculty a new way to push back against attacks on higher education – by taking action to help students make the most of what they learn from you and your institution. Not by “corporatizing” college, but by connecting students directly from your majors and degrees to postgrad success. Learn about our courseware and unique history in Our Story.

AI-enabled PathAdvisor courseware matches students to academic environments where they will thrive in your college or department, such as Arts and Sciences, College of Business, School of Social Work, or Criminal Justice. We believe all majors lead to financial and career well-being – but it doesn’t magically happen without intention – without your support.

Career Key, my company and publisher of PathAdvisor, has over 25 years of experience in higher education. It was founded by a professor and a nationally recognized counselor educator, my father Dr. Lawrence K. Jones, NCC. I practically grew up on the N.C. State University campus. My brother and I played games in the observation playroom in the counseling psychology department many weekends while Dad was working.

As CEO, I am committed to higher education and ensuring its benefits are understood and realized by everyone – regardless of socio-economic status, where they live (urban, rural) or political affiliation. Our new personalized courseware PathAdvisor, composed of decades of research and field-tested assessments, can play a critical role at your institution in delivering those benefits. We look forward to hearing from you!