Reviews and case studies from our partners

PathAdvisor courseware and its assessments are being used at top North American universities in many ways. Flexibility is one of its greatest strengths. Departments of Architecture, Animal Sciences, Biology, Arts and Sciences, and Student Affairs (integrated academic and career advising) all use it – but for different purposes. Here are a few examples:

  • First-year students exploring majors and their best fit professional direction
  • Identifying at risk First and Second-year students for retention and additional well-being support
  • 4th year Biology students who do not get into their medical school of choice, deciding on Plan B or C
  • Nontraditional 3rd and 4th year students choosing their first job after graduation

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Independent College Bookstore, Course Materials

“For 2 years, we’ve worked with over 45 faculty and courseware publisher Career Key to expand VitalSource’s Inclusive Access program at our University’s College of Business.

With Career Key’s extremely popular, top-notch tool, PathAdvisor, we not only save money for thousands of first-year students, but give students a confidence-building, custom experience. PathAdvisor connects students to our University’s best majors, related careers and support resources.

Faculty and advisors love PathAdvisor. It’s easy to use and students like it, which leads to more adoptions – and more student savings”.

Associate Director – Course Materials, Tradebooks, and Shipping & Receiving, University Store, Premier University in the Southeast

Faculty and Academic Advisor reviews

First-year, College of Business, AACSB accredited

“Students need to know earlier what they want to pursue for a major and career because companies who want to recruit them are coming earlier and earlier, to build brand awareness with them… For some students, business may not be the right fit, so we just want to help students find that fit as early as possible with the understanding that that may change over time…

[PathAdvisor by Career Key] helps our students generate that awareness in terms of what majors and career choices are available across campus… We really appreciate many things about Career Key but philosophically we view a lot about student development and career similarly in terms of this being a more holistic process…

We’re a college of a lot of students, our cohorts tend to be 2,200 – 2,400 so there’s no way we could do a lot of this at scale without the use and technology of PathAdvisor.”

Senior Director of Undergraduate Programs, College of Business, Premier University in the Southeast

First and Second-year, College of Business, AACSB accredited

“You are our favorite tool! The Career Decision Profile [in PathAdvisor] gives us the opportunity to show students the value of knowing their own strengths, identifying barriers that may hold them back, and reflecting about their career choices. 

The assessment is not just an “add-on” for our course, it’s a core component of helping students learn to make key decisions and evaluate their own levels of confidence.

Equally important, the results of the assessment have given us, as faculty members and advisors, visibility into the individual challenges students face, so we can help students individually as needed.”

Associate Director of Student Services, Top 20 undergraduate business school, Premier University in the Midwest

Fourth-year, Career Services

“As a counseling tool the Career Decision Profile [in PathAdvisor] allows us to discuss very specifically where the student is in the process of career development and where they want to go next.”

Students appreciate the simplicity of the Career Decision Profile (CDP) and using it to formulate next steps.

A pre/post administration of the CDP allows us to measure the degree of change on all the scales and we have found statistically significant progress. These results encourage further participation from our faculty partners.”

Felicity Morgan, M. Ed., RP, Director, Career Centre, University of Toronto Mississauga