Frequently Asked Questions

What is courseware?

What is

PathAdvisor is personalized, online courseware for college students in any discipline or department. Customized for their school, students use it to explore and choose academic paths, make postgrad plans, and save money. Faculty and advisors use it to excite students about their majors and strengthen student well-being.

What’s different about PathAdvisor?

Our proprietary counseling psychology expertise and decades of research form a foundation for products that strengthen student academic and career well-being. With the help of more accessible artificial intelligence (AI) tools, we are creating ethical, private applications that benefit students and instructors. In the coming months and years, with the feedback of our higher education partners, we will add more and more AI features for both students and instructors. Read our story for more background.

What are the benefits of using PathAdvisor?
  • Students will know more about themselves and their best academic path. They will perform better and feel like they belong in a major and at your institution. Research shows this fit leads to higher grades, persistence in a major or education program, higher rates of on-time graduation, and future job satisfaction.
  • Faculty have an easy to implement, short (20 minute), research-based assignment that introduces students to their majors, graduate programs, and career paths. They also identify students at risk for dropping out; PathAdvisor offers institution-specific, relevant support.
What LMS (Learning Management System) platforms are compatible with PathAdvisor?

All of them. Due to the technology we use and our Single Sign On (SSO) capacity, it is straightforward to add PathAdvisor to your course. We have the 1EdTech certification Learning Tools Interoperability® (LTI®) certification, LTI Advantage Complete. We are already used in BlackBoard Learn, Google Classroom and other LMS. Request information to learn more.

How easy is it for faculty to use PathAdvisor? Be honest.

Career Key, PathAdvisor’s publisher, was founded by a counselor educator for educators. We know that instructors are overwhelmed with little time or desire to learn another tech tool. So the answer is… drum roll please… one 45-minute “Get Started” webinar. No advising or counseling expertise is necessary. It’s intuitive for the student (so you don’t get a lot of questions) and its intuitive for you to integrate with your curriculum. Read our reviews.

How do I get PathAdvisor for my course? As a course material via my campus Store?

Contact us and we will guide you through that process. On our courseware page, we describe how we work with campus bookstores. VitalSource is our primary distributor, but we are flexible. That may sound a little wishy washy, but trust us – every institution is different and we have not yet encountered one we could not figure out.

Who pays for PathAdvisor? How do students save money?

Students pay for PathAdvisor as a course material, through their campus Store. They pay once and continue getting advice on different path decisions as long as they are enrolled at the institution. Students save money by getting substantial discounts through Inclusive Access and Equitable Access programs. For the long-term, students save money when they stick with a major and graduate on time – one of the benefits of using PathAdvisor.

Who is the publisher Career Key?

Career Key is a woman and family-owned company that has published self-help resources, courseware and career assessments for over 25 years. Counseling psychologist and counselor educator, Dr. Lawrence K. Jones, NCC, founded it with help of his wife, Jeanine Wehr Jones, a public high school librarian. He is now Professor Emeritus in the College of Education at N.C. State University. About 4 million people use Career Key resources every year.